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This site is dedicated to the work founded by Carl Gustav Jung.

The intention of the website is to provide a bridge between the anglophone and francophone Jungian communities in the world.

JPS contains part of the content of Espace Francophone Jungien that has been translated into English.

In addition, it contains anglophone articles, whose French translations have been published on the Francophone mother site.

Bernard Long, M.D.

I studied literature and medicine at the university of Montpellier, and soon became interested in the history of medicine, both traditional and alternative.

Influenced by the more holistic approach to medicine (Vitalism) at this particular university (Montpellier), I decided to go into homeopathy. As I had already discovered and been influenced personally by the work of Jung, my encounter with the Tibetan world opened further doors for me.

I realized with excitement how obvious the links between Jungian philosophy and Homeopathy are.

As early as 1990, I intuited links between Homeopathy (its theory and rich materia medica), and dreams, the notions of synchronicity and quaternity, and Alchemy. These fields of study, different at first sight, originate in the same realm : that of the interdependence which can exist between matter, the emergence of affects and symbolization.

I don’t mean to distance myself from medicine. I am in no way a homeopath acting as the psychotherapist that he is not. My approach is to remain a physician, faithful to Hahnemann (the founder of Homeopathy) and his indispensable experience of proving. I would like to enrich this sometimes abstruse and tedious world through Jungian imagination, without ever losing sight of the fundamentals of classical Hahnemannian homeopathy.


C.G. Jung

Kesswil, his place of birth.

Laufen, where he lived from the age of 6 months until 4 years.

Küsnacht, where he lived from 1909 onwards.

Bollingen, where he built his tower from 1922 onwards.


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