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This site is dedicated to the work founded by Carl Gustav Jung.

The intention of the website is to provide a bridge between the anglophone and francophone Jungian communities in the world.

JPS contains part of the content of Espace Francophone Jungien that has been translated into English.

In addition, it contains anglophone articles, whose French translations have been published on the Francophone mother site.

The C.G. Jung House in Küsnacht

The house where Carl Gustav Jung et Emma Jung Rauschenbach lived in Küsnacht has been partly transformed into a museum. The surrounding gardens can also be visited (by appointment only).

The Museum C.G. Jung House is managed by the Foundation C.G. Jung Küsnacht. It was established in 2002 with the goal of keeping the memory alive of C.G. Jung and his wife and associate, Emma Jung-Rauschenbach (1882-1955). The foundation aims to document their life, work and living environment, and to participate in advancing and further developing Jungian psychology.

Website Museum C.G. Jung House

« But my family, and the knowledge : I have a medical diploma from a Swiss university, I must help my patients, I have a wife and five children, I live at 228 Seestrasse in Küsnacht – these were actualities which made demands upon me and proved to me again and again that I really existed, that I was not a blank page whirling about in the winds of the sprit … »

Memories, Dreams, Reflections, by C.G. Jung, p. 189.

The C.G. Jung House is located at 228 Seestrasse in Küsnacht, on Lake Zurich.

Jung had a Latin inscription carved above the door to his house : « Called or not called, God is present. »


On the left : the beach in Küsnacht, with the C.G. Jung house at the end of the beach (partly hidden by vegetation).
On the right : the lake photographed from the same viewpoint, but in the opposite direction.

See also the page on Küsnacht in Switzerland : C.G. Jung Institute Zurich in Küsnacht, Foundation for Jungian Psychology, Protestant Church, and tombs of C.G. Jung, B. Hannah, and M.L. von Franz.


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